Krampstudio's mission is to write and let's you write better software.

We believe in the web, the open and neutral web. We strongly believe open-source and free software is the way to write software for human beings. To achieve our mission, we specialize in :

  • Software engineering & development process
  • Web browsers
  • Software architecture
  • Audits

Software engineering & development process

We propose you to adopt the free software/open source way. Did you already asked yourself how software like the Linux kernel, The gimp or Mozilla Firefox is managed ? They integrate source code written by hundreds of programmers around the world, while keeping a high level of quality. The open source world knows how to write software and how to collaborate to write them. We can bring you the process, the tools and the culture of the open source world in your company. You already have in place Test Driven Development, a Continuous Integration platform or code review process ? You're on the right track, let's begin the next step. If those concepts doesn't ring a bell, then it's time to start.

Web browsers

The web is everywhere, but you already know that. We believe web application fit most of the use cases (not all for sure), but it becomes the best way to develop a lot of applications. Nowadays web browsers implement the standard APIs that make the same application to work on different platforms and devices, from your smartphone to your desktop computer. During the past years, we've seen an unparalleled acceleration in the implementation of the standards by browsers and in defining new APIs to match the modern challenges. Thanks to those APIs, modern browsers are now capable to do things previously reserved to native apps. Yes, we can run apps offline, render 3D scenes, use the GPS or other sensors, video chats, screen sharing, augmented reality and many more. All those crazy features open a brand new world of possibilities. That's exactly our skill set, our passion : the browser APIs and the technologies of the web : HTML, CSS, SVG and JavaScript.

Software architecture

Software architecture is the art of solving development problems, usually at scale. The architecture, is not only your stack, it's also the coding conventions, the design patterns, the way data flows. There's no turnkey solution, but there's a solution for your problems. We propose to bring you our experience in software development and architecture : code culture, company framework and boilerplate, business oriented architecture, micro-services, team training, etc.


You've written a web application, but you want to be sure it won't be slow on mobile devices with a limited bandwidth or scale when an unexpected number of users will come in ? You want to be sure your application meets security standards, so a script kiddie won't deface your app or stole your user data ? You want to assert an application has been developed using the industry standards ? We can provide you code audits to assess the software quality and robustness. We can check your application is not vulnerable to the most common vectors of attacks. We can benchmark and profile your application to ensure it performs well. All our audits use an original approach that combines automated tooling and human review. For each issue raised, we always come back with realistic solutions.